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Retired military intelligence officer Major Ed Dames has stunned millions with his documentaries and Remote Viewing training DVDs. Now Major Dames and several of his students provide exclusive information regarding accurately predicted events that have already come to pass and shocking warnings regarding upcoming catastrophes and epidemics that you have to hear to believe!

Since Remote Viewing (RV) was declassification from a top secret U.S. military program, it has been proven to be one of the most effective, accurate and learnable ESP (extra sensory perception) mind skills in the world. This DVD is being given away for FREE in the hopes that you will see how incredible RV truly is in the hands of regular people and decide to learn this groundbreaking skill before it's too late!

With times becoming more difficult with global financial turmoil and approaching natural disasters, food shortages and disease; it is more important than ever to learn and use Remote Viewing for protection. Begin by getting your FREE copy of Major Ed Dames' Viewing the Future DVD today!

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